Category: Player interviews

Daniel Muir Quotes

Recently signed defensive tackle Daniel Muir spoke to the media yesterday.  Here are a few of this quotes: On what he brings to the team… I play with a lot of energy. I’m really passionate when I get out on the field. So I really think I can bring a lot of energy and have [...]

Nick Mangold Twitter Chat

This past week, New York Jets center Nick Mangold took part in a twitter chat that was provided by Chase and MasterCard.  Nick Mangold started the day at the Lincoln Building Chase branch in Manhattan with Antrel Rolle from the NY Giants.  They took photos and signed autographs with the fans. Then they moved on [...]

Jason Hill Speaks

The Jets signed WR Jason Hill on Wednesday and here is what he had to say to the media: On how long it will take to pick up the offense… It takes some time, but we’re game planning, so it’s not like I have to learn the whole playbook right now. My plays, I don’t [...]

Austin Howard Against The Panthers

Austin Howard stepped into the starting lineup against the Carolina Panthers and the early returns were good.  He set out to prove that he is a starting right tackle and he played well.  No sacks allowed is the stat that is the most encouraging.  The line as a whole can do better when it comes [...]

Tim Tebow On The Wildcat

On practice this week … I feel like it’s been a really good week. I feel like we’ve done some things really well. We’ve gotten better every day. I feel like as we’re getting ready for this game against Carolina, we’ll be prepared to go out there and execute and hopefully do some good things. [...]

Wayne Hunter Admits Starting Job Is On The Line

The offensive line didn't make a positive statement on the field in the preseason match-up against the NY Giants.  The Jets QBs were under pressure all night long. D’Brickashaw Ferguson was asked in the Giants defensive line was trying anything tricky.  He said: I think they’re just a great team, they have some good athletes [...]

Tony Sparano On The OLine

Tony Sparano spoke to the media today about an area that has many Jets fans concerned, the offensive line.  Here is what Sparano had to say: On his assessment of Austin Howard… I thought that he played about 75% good, which is right around maybe where he was grade-wise which is pretty good up front. [...]