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Bren's Haus Of Style: Band Camp Stories


Each month, our intrepid cub reporter, Gang Green Girl, interviews world-famous recording artist, Jets fan, and deep philosophical thinker Brenda to get her thoughts on life, love and all things Bren.

Note to readers: This interview was done before Brenda fell in love with TomShane’s brother.

GGG: What one thing haven’t you done that you would still like to?

Bren: Oh I know but I forget his name. He works at…

GGG: Bren I said thing, not person.

Bren: My bad. Then I guess I would like to attend Jets games in EVERY stadium around the NFL.

GGG: What is the biggest lie you ever told?

Bren: One time at band camp….oh, I forgot, I was a cheerleader–NOT in the band…that the JETS are going to the Super Bowl…um..I was Kevin’s wife…heeheeheeheeheehee. Also I may have said, “This is my first time” once or twice recently!

GGG: Who do you see on TV or hear on the radio that just makes you wonder how in the hell they got where they are today or who in the hell does that person know?

Bren: That fat bastard Mike Francesca and Jimmy Johnson (wanna mes that du one day).

GGG: What TV show do you miss from childhood?

Bren: Get Smart!!! I loved that show and The Mod Squad, too.

GGG: If you were anyone else besides yourself, who would you be?

Bren: Leeann Tweeden or Tracy Mawae

GGG: What would you say is the highlight of your life so far and how does it compare to your overall goals?

Bren: Goals? The only goal I have is to kick a football through the uprights again for another million dollars.

GGG: Is there anything else you would like to do that you haven’t yet?

Bren: Oh I started to answer this one before. I remember now, he works at the deli by my house, his name is…

GGG: BREN! Thing, not person.

Bren: Gotcha. Then I would have to say be a NFL referee so I can give them some business down there.

GGG Note: I have no clue what that means, but I was afraid to ask.

GGG: Which actress should play you in a movie?

Bren: Heather Locklear

GGG: Which famous person do you look like?

Bren: Now that I dyed my hair I look like you, GGG.

GGG: Bren, I’m not famous and I’m a natural blonde, fyi.

GGG: Give us a secret you want to share.

Bren: The only secret I can share is my Victoria’s Secret PJ’s

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