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November HAUS

Bren Outside The Haus

1. How many rushing yards would Curtis Martin get if the Jets handed the ball to him 600 times this season?
Without my man Kevin blocking for him an his knee…
I don’t see many here.

2. Do you have a preference: Low Rider or Fat Boy? How about Motorcycles?
I love motorcycles, I lOVE motorcycle salesmen. I LOVVVVE motorcycle salesmen with a fat boy who likes to ride slow…ooops, I mean low.

3. How is Kevin Mawae’s rehab going? What can we expect from him next season?
I hear his rehab is going well. I have high expectations for him, another pro bowl season next year. I sent him some of my home made chicken soup. I invited him to ride with me on the TAILGATING MA’WAE, still waiting for his response.

4. If the Jets win 3 games this entire season, how many years will Herm’s contract be extended?
As long as there is BEER-n-BBQ’s.. we could see Herm old-n-gray.

5. What is the best tailgating spot in the Meadowlands?
Mine of course….18B….but Classic Harley runs a close one at 11C.

6. As the winter approaches do you have any good boating stories from the summer that you would like to share with us?
I met this Captain who took me deep sea fishing, but what happens in-n-on the water stays at sea….sorry

7. If you put all the Baldwin brothers together would they still suck?
How could they suck they are HOT…oh the one that left Kim he sucks which ever one he was. Who in their right mind would leave a HOT BABE like her?

8. If you are deaf and get arrested, do they call your day in court a hearing?
Good one..let me check with Dina my attorney, but I would imagine the defendant get a good hearing AID.

9. Who will have a better NFL career, David Carr or Chad Pennington?
Who is David Carr?? He is the guy that married that hot supermodel broad? Paulina from the 80’s?

10. Why do the Patriots suck so much this season?
Becasue of KARMA must be the fact that the RED SOX’s got more attention.

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