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JetNation is hot for teacher!by Joe Grinwis

If they play like they did last night Jets fans, get ready for another VERY long season. This year will be about the Tailgating, the Booze and the Food.

Quarterbacks: D
Pennington (11-20, 125 yards, INT)
Clemens (3-11, 24 yards, INT)

The only bright spot was a 40 yard connection Pennington made with WR Justin McCareins when the rush was practically in Pennington’s face. Other than that it was the classic Jets dink and dunk offense and it stunk up the field.

Running Backs: F
Barlow (3 carries, 11 yards, fumble lost)
Blaylock (9 carries 35 yards)
Washington (5 carries, 13 yards)

Is there anyway that we could give this unit an F Minus? Kevan Barlow fumbles on his 2nd carry of the game. Washington missed blitz pick-ups in the backfield throughout the 4th quarter. Derrick Blaylock was the best of the 3 and that’s not saying much as he only had 35 yards on 9 carries.

Wide Recievers:  C-
McCariens (2 receptions, 48 yards)
Coles (5 receptions, 50 yards)
B.Smith (1 reception, 17 yards)

Now, some of you may say this grade of C- is too high but I’m sticking with it. McCareins finally woke up and had a nice grab over the middle on the 40 yard pass from Pennington.  Coles once again showed his consistency and averaged 10 yards per reception. Brad Smith continued his progress and shows that he definitely could be what the Jets are looking for in the Antwaan Randle El type mode.

Tight Ends:  F
Jolley (1 reception, 2 yards, Stupid mistakes)
Dreessen (1 reception, 8 yards)

Once again the TE’s were invisible tonight in the Jets’ offense and it didn’t help that Doug Jolley once again caused some critical mistakes. Midway through the 1st quarter the Jets were forced to burn a timeout because he didn’t lineup correctly and was also flagged on an Unsportsmanlike Conduct call.

Defensive Line: D-
Robertson (4 tackles, Sack)

Robertson showed a burst of life for once and on very few occasions the line got pressure. Tiki Barber had another good day on the ground against the team (11 for 60) and Brandon Jacobs punched in a touchdown. The Jets clearly need to do a much better job at stopping the run, especially with the RB’s they will face in the AFC East.

Linebacker:  D
T. Johnson (2 tackles – Sack)
Vilma (2 tackles – 7 assists)
Barton (4 tackles)

Aside from having to get to Tiki Barber and Brandon Jacobs all day the LB’s did a decent job and not allowing the two to get much further then them. But, again no pressure after Bryan Thomas had one week of good play last week this week he was nowhere to be found. No pressure on Manning or Lorenzen from any of the LB’s  In the 3-4 you need the LB’s to put pressure on the QB.

Defensive Backs: C+
Rhodes (6 tackles, Sack)
Coleman (8 tackles, INT)
Miller (5 tackles, 2 Unsportsmanlike Conduct calls)

The secondary was the best unit on the day for what they had to deal with. Little or no pressure the entire game and they still held there own for the most part against the Giants Wide Reciever’s. The Giants player with the most recieving yards was back-up TE Vishante Shiancoe with 35. If you take out the 2 Miller unsportsmanlike calls (which 1 of them I personally don’t agree with) then it was a pretty good day for the seconday with what they had to deal with.

Special Teams: B-
McClover (Blocked punt & Returned 26 yards for a TD)
Ben Graham (8 punts, 46.1 average, Long of 58)
Nugent (0-1, 49 yards)
Miller (1 return, 39 yards)

Graham had another good day punting away the football for the most part, something it looks like he’ll be doing a lot of yet again this season. Darrell McClover, single handedly, put the only points on the board for the Jets with a 4th quarter blocked punt that he recovered and returned 26 yards for the score. Justin Miller on his lone KO return had another nice one of 39 yards. Mike Nugent’s shank off the right upright in the 1st half brings this grade down a bit seeing it was a 49 yard field goal and had plenty of distance on it so it should’ve been hit.  Period.

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