Jets Report Card

Preseason Week 4 Report Card

by Joe Grinwis 

Quarterbacks: B-
Clemens (7-10, 75 yards, INT)
Ramsey (1-2, 14 yards, TD)
B.Smith (2-4, 13 yards)

Finally a Quarterback other than Kellen Clemens got the team into the end zone and Brad Smith was electrifying late in the game. Aside from one poor throw by Clemens he had a good outing as the starter in the game. The RB’s did most of the job tonight but the QB’s did a good job controlling the clock / drives.

Running Backs:  B
Houston (25 carries, 108 yards, fumble)
Washington (8 carries, 28 yards)

This grade would’ve been a B+ if it weren’t for Houston’s fumble (even though I know they recovered the ball still you need to hang onto the football). Houston pretty much earned himself a 53 man roster spot in my eyes and made some pretty nifty moves throughout the night and helped the Jets control the clock.

Wide Recievers:  C
B.Smith (1 reception, 37 yards)
Ridgeway (1 reception, 14 yards)

Tonight’s game saw two nice plays — the beautiful catch & throw from Clemens to Smith and the 3rd quarter TD strike from Ramsey to Ridgeway.  Otherwise the WR’s really didn’t do much.

Tight Ends:  C
Dreesen (1 reception, 16 yards)

The grade is C simply because of the blocking which raised it from it’s usual F status. The blocking for Houston along the OLine and the TE’s was good.

Offensive Line:  B+
Good blocking up front for both Houston and the Quarterbacks. No penalties, which is also  very important.

Defensive Line: C+
Moats didn’t have too much running room and the rest of the Eagles backs didn’t do much. The team seemed to get some pressure but never could catch or keep up with the Philly QB’s and finish off the plays.

Linebackers:  B+
T.Johnson (9 tackles, 2 INT’s)
Trevor Johnson was downfield for 2 interceptions and 9 solo tackles during the game…clearly the star of the Defense.

Secondary:  C+
E.Smith (7 tackles, 1 assisted)
D.Coleman (INT)
Drew Coleman had a nice interception in the 4th quarter.  Derrick Strait had a rough night which brought down this group’s grade and he seems to have played himself off this team.  At times McCants and Avant made some nice grabs that the team just could not help.

Special Teams:  B+
Leon Washington again showing his stuff on KO returns.  He clearly looks to have his job solidified on special teams.  Along with Justin Miller and Tim Dwight as the Top 3 return men on the team. Mike Nugent was 2-2 including a 49 yarder in the rain.  Ben Graham also had a few nice punts.

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