Jets Report Card

Jets Week 5 Report Card

NY Jets 0 – Jacksonville Jaguars 41
By Joe Grinwis
Quarterback: D
Pennington (10-17, 71 yards, 3 INT’s)

Two of the three picks by Pennington were not his fault. When your team is down by 20 & 30+ points and the D is dropping six  or seven into coverage on three receivers every time, you have to force the ball into tight holes and that’s what Pennington was forced to do from the 2nd quarter on.

Running Back: C
Washington (23 carries, 101 yards)

For the first time this season a Jets RB had a 100 yard game by himself. Granted a lot of the yards came in garbage time but Washington showed that he is a much better option then Kevan Barlow while Cedric Houston is rehabbing his hyper extended left knee.

Wide Receivers: D
Cotchery (4 receptions, 39 yards)
Coles (3 receptions, 19 yards)

The receivers couldn’t get open but who could when each was being double covered every time back there because of the Jets’ inability to run the football until they were way out of the game.

Tight End: F
Chris Baker dropped a catch that he should have made & Sean Ryan’s backfield blocking didn’t work too well against Jacksonville’s front four.  Yet another day with minimal production from the Jets TE’s.

Offensive Line: F
Couldn’t run block and couldn’t pass protect for Pennington & Clemens. The worst performance of the season by the OLine. Don’t be fooled by Washington’s 101 yards, they came in garbage time and he did most of the work, not the OLine.

Defensive Line: F
Another game, another horrible day against the run with Taylor and Jones-Drew accounting for 170 yards on 34 carries with 3 TDs. No sacks either today.

Linebackers: D
Once again the Linebackers were making all of the tackles after Taylor & Jones-Drew made almost all of their runs 5-10 yards or more. Barton & Vilma’s hits were NOT roughing the passer.

Secondary: F
Justin Miller was burned yet again by another offense. Reggie Williams had his way with both Miller and Barrett.

Special Teams: F
Ben Graham’s first NFL blocked punt & Miller couldn’t get anything going in the return game.

Coaching: F
Mangini & Co. have a lot of work to do after today.

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