Jets Report Card

Week 8 Report Card

Jets 28 Chiefs 24
by Brian Clark

Quarterback – C-
Brett Favre – 28/40 290 yards 2 TD, 3 INT
The first part of the stat line looks like a solid game. Over 70% completion rate, almost 300 yards and 2 TD. It’s that last part, the 3 INT’s which nearly cost the Jets the game. I know as Jet fans we want Favre to spread the field, and challenge a team deep. But I’d rather deal with no balls going more than 20 yards down the field, than a 45 yard bomb into double coverage (see 3rd and 1 attempt to Cotchery, and INT thrown to Coles). Last year Mike McCarthy told Brett to limit his risky throws and not to hurt the team. I think its time for Mangini to do the same. His turnovers can be the difference between this team going 6-10 and 10-6.

Running Backs – B
Thomas Jones – 14 carries, 54 yards, 1 TD, 3.9 yards per carry
Leon Washington 3 carries, 67 yards, 3 receptions 34 yards, 2 TD,
A decent game by this group as Jones was the steady runner, doing well when the line game him the lane to run in. For me, if he can get 4 a carry, I’m not going to complain. Leon had a stellar game, as he won this game with his play. That 62 yard touchdown run in the 2nd quarter looked like someone was controlling him with a joystick, as no Chief could even get a finger on him as he zigged and zagged through the defense. He needs to get at least 10 touches a game for this team to win.

Wide Receivers – B

Jerricho Cotchery – 9 receptions, 102 yards
Laverneus Coles – 7 receptions, 64 yards, TD
Chansi Stuckey – 3 receptions, 43 yards

A solid game out of this group, as Cotchery went from being a nonexistent threat, to an actual impact on the game. Cotchery did what he did well which was catch the ball and run after the play, which was evidence on a few pitch and catches. He is a true possession receiver, and he did well in that role. Coles TD catch made up a bad drop earlier on a potential 1st down, although I put a lot more of it on luck and good placement on the throw than I do with spectacular hands. Stuckey had another solid game. He’s projected to have 43 catches, 514 yards and 7 TD’s, which is not too bad out of a 7th rounder. He has consistently put up 40 yards a game, and has had some key 3rd down plays. It seems that Favre looks for him in the red zone (as was evident by the pick 6 Hot read in the 4th quarter).

Tight Ends – C+

Dustin Keller – 4 receptions, 38 yards
Keller didn’t do bad in the receiving game, as he made a few nice catches in the middle of the field. His first reception for 20 yards is a play where they need to work into the offense. He starts on the line, and runs a seam route behind the linebacker and in front of the safety. He has the speed to get separation and the hands to catch the ball in traffic.

Offensive Line – C

They protected the quarterback well,, and didn’t allow big stuffs in the running game, but are still far away from being a gelling unit. They allowed one sack, and only one tackle for a loss in the running game. Favre was still hit hard on a bunch of throws including on 2 of his INT’s. It was an improvement though, but if Favre continues to get hit the way he did, he won’t be in for long.
Defensive Line – B+
This group had another strong game against the run, which is not something that can be said at this point last year. Kris Jenkins and David Bowens had strong games again, Bowens picking up a sack. Sean Ellis picked up his 6th sack in 7 games, and continues to make at least one of those a week. I even saw Sione Pouha tackle somebody. That’s got to be a reason to celebrate. Although this is Herm’s offense, the three stops on three running plays late in the 4th quarter was key to the Jets win.

Linebackers – C+

This group was hampered by not having their best player in there as David Harris left early with an injury. Cody Spencer stepped in and played well. Calvin Pace continues to show his ability as he picked up 7 tackles. They didn’t do a bad job, but the shotgun spread formation really neutralized the pressure from the OLB’s, and picked apart the zone in the middle of the field.

Secondary – C+
This group allowed 280 and 2 TD’s to an inexperienced QB. On the plus side, they did some key stops when they needed to though, they held. The two touchdown passes were great plays on the ball, one made by an All-time TE, and the other was a great way of getting the feet down. The shotgun spread helped the Chiefs with the short game, and they used their biggest WR threat, Bowe, and hurt us. Lowery had 10 tackles, Rhodes had 9 and a sack and Drew Coleman picked up a sack as well. Revis played well, which leads to the opposing team throwing to the other side, which then leads to Lowery leading the team in tackles.

Special Teams – B+
Leon Washington’s return late in the game was a big part in the late game touchdown. He averaged 23.7 yards per punt return, which means a big field position advantage when our offense gets out on the field. His impact was the biggest reason for the win. Hodges punted well averaging 47.7 per, and limiting returns. Feely hooked the early one, and knocked down his 4 XP’s

Coaching –C
I think our offensive game plan was sound. We had a good mix of pass and run, and were relatively successful in executing both. With the exception of the 3 INT’s by Favre, the offense was good. On defense they need to game plan better for the spread offense, as it seems that we are fine rushing 3 or 4 and dropping 7 or 8 back. Even one of the worst QB’s in the league can pick apart a defense if you give them the time. With a weak offensive line and an inexperienced QB, the Jets should have been bringing the house against the Chiefs.

Stud Of The Game: Leon Washington

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