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NY Jets Report Card (Week 4)

New Orleans Saints 24 – New York Jets 10
Brian Clark (lawngnome o-line)

Quarterback: F

Mark Sanchez: 14/27 138 yds 3 INT 1 Fumble lost
He needs to install the clock in his head that warns him of an oncoming rusher. He had a “rookie” day Did not do bad moving the ball, but I thought he needs to start controlling the turnovers a little and protect the ball better. He has also had a tendency to have the ball sail on him a bit, both on screen passes and on out routes. Still showed flashes of talent and skill, but he definitely had a day he wants to forget.

Running Back/Full Back: C
Thomas Jones: 13 rushes 48 yds 1TD
Leon Washington: 4 rushes 17 yards, 4 rec 24 yards
Shonn Greene: 4 rushes 23 yards
Thomas Jones remained consistent to his play in the first 3 weeks of the year, averages maybe a yard a carry and then breaks a 30 yarder to raise his average. It seems like he is stutterstepping prior to receiving the handoff. I saw it on 3 different plays, all of which resulted in a loss or no gain. Leon was productive out of the Seminole, but did not have the explosive affect on the game that we expect.

Wide Receiver/Tight End: C-
Dustin Keller: 3 rec 31 yards
Jerricho Cotchery: 5 rec 71 yards
Cotchery remained consistent with his play as well, which is a positive. He continues to run good routes and is Sanchez’s favorite target. Keller was held in check as well, as with the exception of the skinny post over the middle, did not have a catch/ which was a large game.

Offensive Line: C-
Weakest game of the year by far. They had trouble opening holes again, which is becoming a regular problem. They allowed Sanchez to be sacked 4 times and under pressure in many other situations. Moore and Woody had problems controlling Charles Grant on the outside, a few times leaving him completely unprotected, which is hard to believe considering his size and the impact he had in the game.

Defensive Line: B+
They did a good job muddying up the running game, and did a great job on the first 2 4th and short situations. They did what they could to keep the Saints off the board. Mike Devito had a strong game and got in the backfield a few times. Marques Douglas also did well with 5 tackles.

Linebackers: A-
Harris led this group again forcing a fumble of Thomas which the Saints recovered and leading the team with tackles with 12. He has proven himself to be an All-Pro caliber linebacker in this league.

Secondary: A-
Revis did not strictly match up with Colston, but he did cover him for a majority of the game. There were 6 balls thrown in his direction for a total of 1 catch for 14 yards. He also had 2 passes defended. Rhodes had 8 tackles and a good break up on a pass in the end zone in the first quarter. Lowery had a fumble recovery and did not do bad in coverage. Leonhard missed a few tackles, but did not have a bad game either.
The key stat which shows the strength of this unit is Brees’s statline 20/32, 190 yds, 0 TD’s 78.9 rating. They kept one of the best QB’s in the league in check for a majority of the game.

Special Teams: B+
I cannot knock this group for not creating a game breaking play, but they did do a solid job.
Feely allowed only 1 return off of his kickoffs, and Weatherford maintained a decent average. Although Leonhard has been surehanded back for punt returns, I can’t help but think that we are handcuffing ourselves by not having Leon in for punts.

Coaching: C
To me I just don’t know if they knew what type of game they wanted to play on both sides of the ball. On the offensive side of the ball they seemed to either go with a tricky offense, or an overly conservative offense. I also hate the call of passing on 3rd and 1 which hurt their 3rd down conversion rate. Even Thomas Jones can gain one yard!
On the defensive side of the ball they were unable to reach the quarterback for a sack for the second time this season, and considering the pressure that they bring, it is hard to believe. I noticed the adjustment that Ryan made in the 2nd quarter by bringing more pressure, but if that is your bread and butter, it is what you need to do from the first snap, especially against this offense.

Player of the Game: David Harris

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