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Jets Lose To Bengals (38 – 31)

The Jets lost to the Bengals and fell to 1 and 6 on the season, matching last years regular season loss total before the bye week.  The Jets started strong in the first half but couldn’t finish the same way.  It was a complete team loss and the Jets were bad almost across the board. … Read more

JetNation Chats With Gregg Hayim

We had a chance to chat with Gregg Hayim after the Eagles game on Sunday.  Gregg is the voice behind the JetNation.com Podcast and covers the Jets for Jets Confidential.  We asked him to share his thoughts on the Jets season so far. It is a lot easier to get players to buy into your… Read more

The Blame Game

By Tyson Rauch The New York Jets are 1-5 after losing to the Philadelphia Eagles in a game full of questionable play-calling, conservative quarterback play and mediocre defensive strategy.  The finger pointing is at an all time high amongst the Gang Green faithful and New York media, placing this organization once again in turmoil.  So… Read more

Word Of The Week

In response to the ever-increasing boorish behavior exhibited by Jets fans, I have taken it upon myself to help correct it.  I realize this is a daunting task, but I am up for the challenge. It is my belief that if I can improve the vocabulary of the average Jets fan, it will make for… Read more

Jets Change Name, Lose Again

The Titans of New York were defeated by the Philadelphia Eagles 16 to 9.  The mini-titans fall to 1 and 5 after another lackluster performance. The Jets were able to run the ball early and Thomas Jones had 24 carries for 130 yards on the day.  But their allergic reaction to the end zone continues… Read more

Which Way is Up?

By Tyson Rauch For the first time in a long time I am at a loss for words when it comes to commenting on the New York Jets.  As Jets fans we have been through the high and lows from the 10-0 lead in the AFC Championship game against the Broncos that ended in a… Read more

How To Rebuild Goliath

By Patrick Giorgio As a diehard New York Yankees fan, I remember a few years ago when I saw the 2004 American League Championship Series. That Boston Red Sox team the Yankees faced was a loose, scrappy bunch that played together as a team and had fun on the diamond. On the Yankees side, you… Read more

Mean Giants Beat Green Jets

Today, our brave little warriors traveled to the visiting sideline at Giants stadium to take on Big Blue.  Despite the Jets best efforts they were not able to secure a victory. The Jets scored a touchdown on defense (Kerry Rhodes – fumble recovery) and they returned a kickoff for a touchdown (Leon Washington).  At the… Read more

State Of The Jets

By Sperm Edwards  Well the bloom is finally off the rose for the “Mangenius.â€? The situation with Kendall seemed (and seems) to be a microcosm of this individual’s enormous arrogance. I had no objection with not renegotiating a contract after only one year, letting him go, or seeking a different player for the position. But… Read more

Yankees vs. Indians

By Patrick Giorgio Finally, playoff baseball is here! We start with an intriguing rematch of the 1997 ALDS in which Cleveland beat the Yanks three games to two. C.C. Sabathia and Fausto Carmona are 38-15 with 456 combined innings, and easily the best 1-2 punch in all of baseball. Yet, they both have little combined… Read more

Put Up or Shut Up

By Tyson Rauch Coming off of an embarrassing loss, it is very easy to dwell on the negatives as the New York Media and Jets fans love to do.  Sure you can sit around and bash the inept offense, the swish cheese defense and the Herm like coaching.  I for one am willing to give… Read more

TheGARV Does Not Want To Talk

Dear Jets:  TheGARV does not want to talk about it. [youtube]dOxLVG8i-n4[/youtube] … Read more

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