New York Jets Draft Review – Round 4

ROUND 4 {#103 Overall} WR Brad Smith University of MissouriROUND 4 {#117 Overall} RB Leon Washington Florida State UniversityExcellent idea with Brad Smith and a nice value pick at a position of need with Leon Washington.Brad Smith is a tremendous athlete and a relentless football player. I’ve seen him play and that’s no exaggeration. He’s… Read more

New York Jets Draft Review – Round 3 (cont)

ROUND 3 {#97 Overall} S Eric Smith Michigan State University I don’t know how else to say it so I’ll just say it, I thought this pick was both brutal and senseless. I still can’t believe we took a safety on day one, any safety, but especially one who carried a borderline 3rd RD Grade… Read more

New York Jets Draft Review – Round 3

ROUND 3 {#76 Overall} ILB Anthony Schlegel Ohio State University “He {DE/OLB Chris Gocong} was still on the board and was by far the highest-rated guy there. We’re going to play him at linebacker, but we thought we might have a need at ‘Sam’ (strong-side) linebacker and also with someone to help us as a… Read more

New York Jets Draft Review – Part Two

By Glenny B (aka Green Jets & Ham)Â ROUND 1 {#29 Overall} C Nick Mangold Ohio State UniversityBlue-chippers on the interior of offensive line have a tendency to slide a bit on draft day, the same is true of right-tackles, and Tangini wisely capitalized on that development here. Mangold is another terrific lineman who was… Read more

New York Jets 2006 Draft Review

Pick by Pick analysis    By Glenny B ROUND 1 {#4 Overall} OT D’Brickashaw Ferguson University of Virginia This was not the sexy pick, O-linemen never are, but if you ask any “Football Guy” he will tell you, without question, that left-tackle is a “premium position” in the national football league. That’s no great revelation, that’s… Read more

Day Two Draft Picks

During Day two of the 2006 NFL Draft the NY Jets selected:  Round 4 (103rd overall pick):  Brad Smith – WR, Missouri Round 4 (117th overall pick):  Leon Washington – RB, Florida State Round 5 (150th overall pick):  Jason Pociask - TE, Wisconsin Round 6 (189th overall pick):  Drew Coleman – CB, TCU Round 7 (220th overall pick): … Read more

Day One Draft Picks

During Day one of the 2006 NFL Draft the NY Jets selected:  Round 1 (4th overall pick):    D’Brickashaw Ferguson – OT, Virginia Round 1 (29th overall pick):  Nick Mangold – Center, Ohio State Round 2 (49th overall pick):  Kellen Clemens – QB, Oregon Round 3 (76th overall pick):  Anthony Schlegel – ILB, Ohio State Round… Read more

Draft Day – 2006

Draft day is finally here.  The future of the franchise can be shaped at noon today in Radio City Music Hall.  Houston is no longer on the clock.  On Friday, the Houston Texans signed North Carolina State defensive end Mario Williams.  The deal is reported to be for 6 years and $54 million.  The choice of Mario… Read more

Who Should They Draft

By Chris Gardella The Mel Kiper’s of the world have spent months analyzing hours of game tape in search of the strengths and weaknesses of each player eligible for the NFL draft. NFL fans around the country go through a transformation of sorts – they are no longer fans, but NFL scouts. Most fans critique… Read more

DraftDaddy.com Chat – 04/24/06

On 4/24/06, Bitonti and R44 from http://draftdaddy.com stopped by the http://JetNation.com Chat Room and answered questions from our members.  [Smizzy] 8:06 pm: Who’s Hot & Who’s not with 5 days till draft day? [R44] 8:06 pm: Antonio Cromartie is said to be hot, yet he has only started 1 game in his career….LenDale White has some… Read more

2006 NFL Draft Preview

By Nick Ferraro There is good news this weekend for teams needing help along the lines.  There are elite prospects on both offense and defense and solid depth through the later rounds.  That depth will likely mean more draft-day deals than usual as weaker teams with multiple positions to fill look to trade down in… Read more

JetNation.com 2006 Mock Draft

Recently our members got together and completed a full seven round mock draft.  Thank you to all those involved. Round 1 1. Houston Texans -{Sperm Edwards}-Reggie Bush- RB USC 2. New Orleans Saints -{Ikeyman3}-Mario Williams DE NC St. 3. Tennessee Titans -{Smizzy}-Matt Leinart QB USC 4. New York Jets -{Barton}-DBrickashaw Ferguson OT Virgina 5. Green Bay… Read more

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