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JetNation – Week 3 Power Rankings

Here's the updated JetNation top ten power rankings: 10) Arizona Cardinals: Off to their best start in 38 years (3-0). The replacement referees look lost as they made terrible calls/non-calls against both teams.  Bill Belichick was just trying to shake the referees hand and say “Nice game, thanks for the great work,” so he shouldn’t [...]

JetNation – Week 2 Power Rankings

Here's the updated JetNation top ten power rankings: Don’t let the loss to the Buccaneers fool you, Carolina is a dangerous team. When you’re plus 4 in the turnover department you should win, the Falcons just hold on. Over 600 yards of offense is impressive, the fact they needed that much at home against Tampa [...]

Week One NFL Top Ten

1.    New York Giants – The champs get the top spot.  Staying healthy at the skill positions is going to be the key for Big Blue.  The pass rush will dictate the game against the Cowboys in the opener on Wednesday night. 2.    Green Bay Packers – Cedric Benson will help on those rare occasions [...]

Final Regular Season NFL Top 10

Green Bay Packers - (1) – Aaron Rodgers didn’t play, and they still beat the Lions.  They are the favorites to win the Super Bowl at 9-5. New Orleans Saints – (2) Sunday’s destruction of the Panthers made it eight straight wins for the Saints.  The Saints are a good value at 9-2 to win [...]

NFL Power Rankings – Week 17

Green Bay Packers - (1) – There are health issues on the offensive line and areas to be exploited on defense, but it’s still hard to imagine anyone beating them at home in the playoffs. New Orleans Saints – (2) The Saints are playing very, very good football right now. New England Patriots (3) – [...]

NFL Top 10 (Power Rankings)

Green Bay Packers - (1) – The beat goes on for the Packers. New Orleans Saints – (2) The Saints throttled The Titan’s running game and came away with a road victory in Tennessee. Pittsburgh Steelers – (3) The Steelers will need a healthy Big Ben’s to win on the road against an angry 49ers [...]

NFL Power Ranking (Top 10)

By Nick Ferraro Green Bay Packers - (1) – The remaining schedule for Pack has to have the ’72 Dolphins worried. New Orleans Saints – (2) The Saints somehow lost to the Rams in October, but they haven’t lost since. Pittsburgh Steelers – (3) The Steelers put the Bengals squarely on the wildcard-only path. New [...]

NFL Top Ten

Green Bay Packers - (1) – Detroit barely challenged Green Bay. New Orleans Saints – (3) The Saints carved up the Giants with ease. Pittsburgh Steelers – (4) The Steelers were not impressive but got a road win to keep pace with Baltimore. New England Patriots (6) – The Pats effectively ended the season for [...]