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TheGARV: Want To See My O Face?

TheGARV joins us once again this week and talks about the new and improved Jets Offensive Line.  TheGARV claims that he is working with Eric Mangini and the team is getting away from the traditional boxing references.  Instead moving to the world of Mixed Martial Arts. [youtube]0aDSAkyk4A8[/youtube]… Read more

Happy St. Patricks day

By Jet Moses Vox Hiberionacum: A tribute to Saint Patrick When Europe fell to the Huns during the collapse of the Roman Empire, It was the Irish who preserved so much of western civilization that would have been lost to the barbarian hordes. Why has this contribution been overlooked? The short answer to that is… Read more


By Matt Greene With the Free Agency signing period on the decline, it is now time to look back on what transgressed over the past couple of weeks and digest all of the information and speculation flying all over the place. Since so much happened around the league this week, (and because there’s nothing else… Read more

Dropping the Ball

By Tyson Rauch Throughout his tenure as a New York Jet Laveranues Coles has endeared himself to the fans with his toughness, determination and heart. His team first attitude and tough as nails approach was second to none and made him a very integral part of the Gang Green’s offense. All of this cumulated with… Read more

Combine Analysis \ Free Agency Preview

By Matt Greene Okay, here I’m going to provide a list of all the players the Jets have interviewed (that I know of) at the combine, their test results, and their measurements. I will also give my approximation as to when each of these players will come off the board. Players Interviewed: James Hardy –… Read more

Around The NFL: Special Edition

By Matt Greene What a week it has been around the NFL. Every night for this past week I’ve been logging on to what seems like every website that covers NFL stories and rumors on the web. I thought I’d be able to fit all I needed on one sheet of notes like I had… Read more

Around The NFL

By Matt Greene (The following is a report of important news from around the league. I (Matt) will be gathering and writing this news weekly). – Bill Belichick and the Patriots organization finally issued a definitive statement this week regarding the spygate scandal. Both Belichick and Scott Pioli denied allegations that the Patriots had benefited… Read more

Remembering a Member of Our Family

By Tyson Rauch John Bonazzi was a lifelong diehard fan of the New York Jets. Mr. Bonazzi could never get enough of Gang Green. He had regular game day gatherings at his house with his four daughters and family (who were also Jets fans). He was a season ticket holder since 1984 and sat in… Read more

Happy Birthday JetNation

On Monday, JetNation will be celebrating its 3rd Birthday. Pretty exciting, I know. Who knew that 7th grade humor had this much staying power? I won’t get all preachy and talk about how great this site is and how much it has grown. Nobody wants to be bored with tales of increasing membership, hit counts… Read more

Jetnation.com Top 10 – Season End

By Nick Ferraro 1.  New York Giants All hail the Giants.  A pass rush is a beautiful thing – just ask Tom Brady.  Amazing that they could get done it all done without Shockey and Tiki.  Okay, maybe it’s not that amazing. To stay on top: They can upgrade on the OL.  They need a… Read more

Brady And Belichick Lose To Giants

Congratulation to the NY Giants for doing the unthinkable, beating the undefeated New England Patriots. We know you watched the game and there is plenty of coverage of it already, so we won’t go into the details. We just wanted to acknowledge the Giants accomplishment. Being the good sports that we are here at JetNation.com… Read more

Cap Chat

By Sperm Edwards There has been some chatter about the future of some Jets players who are under contract for next year (or longer). I’m going to keep this to players that are ON the Jets, not make it an article-long wish-list of “we should get…” players with justification (if not rationalization) for each. Let’s… Read more

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