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West Side Stadium

From The NY Daily News 03/30/05: Jets poised to score stadium Seven MTA board members support the West Side football plan The Jets should get ready for a victory dance in the end zone – the team is on the verge of winning the MTA’s West Side railyards. Seven members of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority… Read more

Book It: The Jets Will Win It All in 2005

by JetFan80 Contributing Columnist In years past, the Jets have been an easy punch line to a played-out joke. “No Super Bowl titles in 36 years.” “Just End The Season.” “Same Old Jets.” It may never get old to opposing fans, particularly Patriots and/or Dolphins fans, but it sure as hell has gotten old in… Read more

Why the Patriots Win (and Why You Don’t): Part Two

by RichardSeymour Guest Pats Columnist The Patriots win Super Bowls. The Jets do not. In our continuing series, we have asked for articles dissecting why, exactly, this is, and what it will take for the Jets to overtake the Pats in the AFC. This week’s contributor is RichardSeymour, who breaks down the coaches, the fronts… Read more

Curtis Martin–One Too Many?

by Frank Barone JetNation Columnist In my evaluation of the coming Jets season and our prospects for winning a title, I reluctantly find myself questioning how Curtis Martin fits in. I am forced to ask myself the question, Has the Jet organization gone one year too many in counting on him to be the feature… Read more

Five Reasons Why the Jets Can Dethrone the World Champions

by PatsFanTx Contributing Columnist It has been almost three months since Steeler kicker Jeff Reed’s 33-yard overtime field goal sailed through the uprights, ending the New York Jets 2004-2005 season at a cold and blustery Heinz Field. To most Jet fans, the season ended with a lot of “what if’s”: What if the Jets offense… Read more

The Fruit of the Matter: Why the Patriots Win Super Bowls and the Jets Don’t.

by Garbanza Guest Pats Columnist I was grocery shopping the other day. There I was in the exotic fruit area – feeling up a big, red Pomegranate (or as it is sometimes referred to, the Wisdom Apple); and it occurred to me, if Bill Belichick were a fruit, he would be a Pomegranate. I placed… Read more

WWBD: What Will Bradway Do? Draft Profiles for the #26 pick

by Tom Shane Managing Editor, JetNation As of right now, the Jets have the 26th pick in the first round of the 2005 NFL draft. This may change, as the status of DE John Abraham—speed-rusher, malingerer, and general panty-waist—becomes clearer. Abe could still be traded for picks, or for a bag of pork rinds (either… Read more

The Shoulder of Burden: Pennington’s Surgery and the 2005 season

Like it or not, Chad Pennington and the NY Jets 2005 season are behind the proverbial 8-ball right now and success rests solely on the repaired shoulder of Pennington.

Welcome Back, 87

by Joe Grinwis Contributing Columnist Two weeks ago many Jets fans were sitting in their chars on their computers reading articles about a Laveranues Coles return to the Jets for Santana Moss. For most Jets fans, that was a dream. Well now it has become a reality. The Jets have finally completed a Coles-Moss trade… Read more

Herm Edwards: Escape Artist or Visionary?

by djaparz Contributing Columnist There has been a lot of talk of the NY Jets coaches being “thrown under the busâ€? by head coach Herman Edwards. But I see a head coach making changes to improve this team and taking it to the next level… The New York Jets have had 16 different head coaches… Read more

The East is Ours! (says Joe G.)

by Joe Grinwis Contributing Columnist This is the season. Wait, how many times have you heard that one before? Many times I’m sure, but this really could be that season. So far this off-season, the Patriots have lost a lot of key parts to their dynasty the past four seasons and most likely will find… Read more

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