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Jets Videos

The State of the NY Jets

GreenBean is live in Texas this week at AT&T Stadium. The question right now is when will the Jets be [...]

Jets Videos

NY Jets Trade Deadline Predictions

GreenBean is back and this week he is in Florida. The NFL trading deadline is November 3rd and the topic [...]

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GreenBean Looks at Who Stood Out (Positives)

This week GreenBean has no idea where he is, sounds similar to the Jets last Sunday. He just drove 3.5 [...]

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GreenBean’s Thoughts on Week 2 (49ers)

GreenBean is at CenturyLink Field in Seattle and he is here to talk about Sam Darnold and the Jets week [...]

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Becton, Maye, Austin; There are a Few Positives

Be sure to check out our new Live Stream that occurs each week during the game on YouTube. Watch the [...]

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Jets Wide Receiver Situation

GreenBean is on the Lake this week and with week one here he is talking about the NY Jets wide [...]

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Is this the Final Audition for both Adam Gase & Sam Darnold?

There are whispers, the sources aren’t the most solid guys in the world. But let’s have this conversation that goes [...]

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GreenBean’s #JetsCamp Thoughts; Part Two

This week GreenBean is deep in the woods in the state of Oregon. (This video was originally recorded before the [...]

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GreenBean #JetsCamp Thoughts; Part One

GreenBean is at Crater Lake National Park in Oregon and this week he is talking about training camp. In part [...]