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Root for wins? Root for Draft Postion? What do REAL Jets Fans do?

It has become an annual exercise among frustrated Jets fans looking to claim superior fandom via their outlook on how

Is Zach Wilson a Bust? The million-dollar question on the minds of Jets fans has to do with the last years # 2 overall

Urban Meyer and the NY Jets

GreenBean is in Orland Florida, enjoying the 80 degree weather and the sun. Urban Meyer was fired after 13 games.

Sanchez Speaks Out on Wilson

This video was recorded before the NY Jets lost to the New Orleans Saints on Sunday. Former NY Jets quarterback

GM Douglas Deserves Some Love From Fans; JetNation Radio AM

On this week’s episode of JetNation RadioAM, Glenn Naughton discusses some of the player’s Joe Douglas has picked up on

A Diamond in the Rough; Elijah Riley

Greenbean is recording from North Petty Airport in Pembroke Pines Florida this week. Who the hell is # 33? You

Thoughts on Robert Saleh

GreenBean is in Virginia, making his last video before he heads to sunny south Florida. The topic this week is

Mike White & Jets Hammered in Loss to Bills

The Jets dropped a 45-17 contest to the Buffalo Bills. Mike White threw 3 interceptions before being knocked out with

A Theory On Mims (Drops)

Denzel Mims has experienced a fall from grace this season. He has looked good when he has been given opportunities

Time for Jets Fans to Stop with the Crazy Comparisons

The NY Jets are a young football team and they are playing like that. So much excitement about young QB,

Best bye week ever? Jets Draft Stock Rises While Rivals Fall

When things aren’t going right, sometimes the best thing you can do is take the week off. That is what

What’s Up With Denzel Mims?

This week Greenbean is in the central Virginia countryside and he wants to talk about Denzel Mims. Everyone seems to