JetNation Podcast

Gregg Hayim is back with the JetNation podcast.  The Jets are 1 and 8 and the season is getting any easier

Week 8 Podcast

Gregg Hayim is back with the week 8 podcast.  He talks about the pain we call being a Jets fan. 

Week 7 Podcast

When Gregg Hayim agreed to do the weekly podcast for JetNation do you think he expected 6 losses in the

Week Six Podcast

Gregg Hayim is back once again.  He staged a walk out last week but decided to return and honor his

Week Four Podcast

Gregg Hayim is back once again. The week four podcast is here.

Week Three Podcast

Gregg Hayim is back in the NY Groove.  This week he talks about Chad being a leader and looks at

Week Two Podcast

Gregg Hayim is back.  This week he talks about our favorite cheater Bill Belichick. He also discusses Kellen Clemens and takes a

Week One Podcast

Gregg Hayim talks about Kevin Everett and the events of week one. Also gives a preview of week two versus

Training Camp Podcast

As training camp is winding down, Gregg Hayim gives us his thoughts on what is going on with the Jets.Â

JetNation.com Podcast – 07/02/07

The JetNation.com podcast is back.  This week Gregg Hayim and Justin Melhado talk about Thomas Jones, Pete Kendall and why everyone

JetNation Podcast, 6/2/2007

Another installment of the JetNation Podcast by Gregg Hayim. This week he discusses Justin Miller, his recent off the field

JetNation Podcast

Welcome to the first ever JetNation.com podcast.  The talented Gregg Hayim is now our official podcaster.  This week he breaks