Jetnation Week Nine Picks

 by Nick Ferraro  Last Week —  Straight up: (4 – 9) vs. Spread:  (4 – 9)  YTD — Straight up: (63 – 46 – 2 ) vs. Spread (51 – 58 – 2) Okay, no more guarantees.  I said I’d hit ten wins, and I almost lost ten instead.  It was a strange week, and the… Read more

JetNation Week 8 Picks

By Nick Ferraro Last Week:  Straight: 5–7–1 (with spread:  5–7–1) Year to Date:  Straight: 59–37–2 (with spread: 47–49–2) This week is easy.  There, I said it.  This is going to be a big week.  I am tempting the gods of the point spread because I’m that confident.  This is a double-digit winning week.  I am… Read more

JetNation Week Seven Picks

by Nick Ferraro Last Week — 6 –7 vs. spread, 8 –5 straight up Year to Date — 42 – 42 – 1 vs. spread, 54 – 30 – 1 straight up The record is even with ten weeks left.  All in all, I feel good about where we are and the road ahead.  The… Read more

Preview: Miami Dolphins at New York Jets

By Tom Kiss Coming off an embarrassing performance against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Eric Mangini must deal with his first crisis as a head coach in the NFL. That crisis is dealing with the letdown of one of the franchises most lopsided losses in history. The Miami Dolphins prove to be a scary opponent as they are not… Read more

Jetnation Week Six Picks

by Nick Ferraro  Last Week = 9 – 2 – 2 vs. spread (12 – 1 straight up) Year to Date = 34 – 35 – 1 vs. spread (46 – 25 – 1 straight up) Week five was our best week so far, and that’s two big weeks in a row.  Over the last two Sundays… Read more

Jetnation Week Five Picks

by Nick Ferraro Last Week: 9 – 5 vs. spread 10 – 4 straight up Year to Date: 25 – 33 – 1 vs. spread 34 – 24 – 1 straight up Now that’s more like it.  The Mendoza line is in sight.  It’s time to string two winning weeks together.  Titans at Colts (-19)… Read more

Week Four Picks

by Nick Ferraro  Last Week Straight: 7-7-1 Spread: 3-11-1 Year to Date Straight: 24-20-1 Spread: 16-28-1 Okay, that was miserable.  Just when you think you’ve hit rock bottom, somebody moves the rocks.  I haven’t been able to pick my nose thus far, but the good news is you can just go against me and win… Read more

Jetnation Week Three Picks

Last Week: 8 –7 vs. spread 10 –5 straight up   Year to Date: 13 – 17 vs. spread 17 – 13 straight up  Week two was a big improvement over a pathetic week one, but we’re still not where we want to be. This week we even out the record against the spread, and we… Read more

JetNation Week Two Picks

By Nick Ferraro Last Week: 5 – 10 vs. spread 7 – 8 straight up Okay, that was terrible. That wasn’t the way we wanted to start the season, but hopefully the worst is over.  Raiders at Ravens (-13) After the poor showing on Monday, it’s hard to imagine the Raider offense getting much done… Read more

Jetnation Week One Picks

By Nick Ferraro Saints at Browns (-3) The Saints will have a much better season than they did last year without a true home game.  I am not ready to take them on the road though. Browns 23 Saints 13 Eagles (-5.5) Texans The Texans are headed in the right direction under Kubiak.  The Eagles… Read more

2006 JetNation NFL Preview

By Nick Ferraro NFC East 1.      Dallas             11-5 2.      *Philadelphia   10-6 3.      New York         8-8 4.      Washington     8-8   The Cowboys will squeak out a division win.  They will have the best defense and an explosive offense if Owens stays on the field.  Philadelphia will surprise people this season.  Their early schedule is a dream… Read more

Jetnation 2006 Preseason Power Ratings

By Nick Ferraro 1.  Pittsburgh Steelers – losing Randle El and Bettis isn’t enough to drop the champs from the top spot to enter the season.  The running game will be fine, and the air attack they flashed in the playoffs has to worry the rest of the league. 2.  Seattle Seahawks – the Seahawks defense… Read more

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