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The "Real" Heidi Game

By Gregg Hayim The versions are infinite, the exaggerations endless. Most, more colorful then accurate, but all seemingly designed with the intent of serving as the shining example of New York Jet futility. Fact, to the younger generation, has been replaced with myth. And the truth becomes less conspicuous with each passing time the tale [...]

Super Bowl XLI Report Card

by Joe Grinwis Quarterback: Peyton Manning: 25-38, 247 yards, TD, INT - B Rex Grossman: 20-28, 165 yards, TD, 2 INT - D Peyton Manning had an early rough going but turned it around as he led the Colts to their second championship and also claimed the games MVP award. Rex Grossman on the other [...]


By Gregg L. Hayim Brace yourself, because it’s coming. When the NFL brain trust decided upon the brilliant idea of a two week separation between championship week and Super Bowl Sunday, certainly they failed to take into account the sports writers, radio-show hosts and fans that tire easily from the seemingly unending repetition. Let’s be [...]

Not So Super Bowl

By Tyson Rauch   Now that the championship games are finished the football world embraces itself for the marquee event of the sporting year.  The Super Bowl is upon us with all of its glitz, glamour and hype.  We are in the middle of two weeks of celebrations, awards ceremonies, V.I.P. parties and banquets as [...]

The Day The Dynasty Died

By Gregg L. Hayim It is my belief that dynasties don’t end, they die. In this day and age of free-agency and the salary cap, sport dynasties have become a thing of the past. That’s what made this Patriot team of the last half decade so special. We watched in awe as this team replaced [...]

Pats Lose To Colts, Hoodies Still Not Cool

The Patriots lost to the Colts in the AFC Championship game by a score of 38 - 34.  I would go into details of the game but it really doesn't matter.  All you need to know is that Reche Caldwell is not Deion Branch.  And that cutoff hoodie sweatshirts are still not in style. Good [...]


By Gregg L. Hayim This time of year has always been tough on me. The taxing emotional involvement required to be a Jet fan during a playoff run takes its toll. When the season ends, as it always does, instantly and disappointingly, the withdrawals are not kind. Like a smoker stripped of his pack; I [...]

Hooked On A Feeling

By Tyson Rauch Well Super Bowl time is approaching and as usual the focus of my energy will be on my office pool boxes and analyzing the commercials.  Once again the New York Jets will not be participants in the championship game and that streak is on its way to 40 years.  The new thinking [...]