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Holes To Fill

Woody Johnson and The New York Jets, Free Agency is a few days old and this team still has holes to fill. I'm not talking about a slot receiver, a pass rusher, or even a free safety. I'm talking about the holes in your stadium map. There are still seats available. I've been told this [...]

Free Agency Highlights

The first day of free agency has passed and as was expected there was a lot of movement.  Here is a recap of some discussion threads from our New York Jets forum: The Miami Dolphins have resigned Chad Pennington. Safety Karlos Dansby is also going to Miami Laveranues Coles was waived and would like to [...]

Happy New Year

By Joe Brod Yes! That time of year is now upon us. Friday marks the opening of the new NFL calendar year and this one looks quite different for Jets fans. One year ago there were a boatload of question marks surrounding our beloved team and to be perfectly honest, there is still a boatload [...]

Inside the Jets: Q&A with Calvin Pace

Tyson Rauch – Jetnation: First off congratulations on an excellent season Calvin.  Gang Green's improbable run into the playoffs was one of the more memorable for Jets fans in recent history.  Looking back at the 2009 season, what do you think was the biggest difference in training camp and the preseason compared to that of [...]

Jets Roll Dice With Jones And Feely

By Tyson Rauch The NFL free agency period is quickly approaching and teams throughout the league are starting to make tough personnel decisions. Money talks in the National Football League, and if you are an older player with a high price tag, things start to get interesting. The New York Jets have taken a questionable [...]

FGN: 2010 NY Jets Offseason Outlook

Football Gameplan Network put together a video look at the New York Jets offseason outlook.  Emory Hunt and Tyler Mirkovich break down the Jets and talk about what they need. Check out the video which is embedded below.  You can also see all their videos on FGN youtube channel. You can discuss this in our  [...]

NFL On Location (Draft Package)

This is too pricey for my blood but I thought I would pass it along in case anyone was interested.  The NFL is offering VIP Draft Packages. NFL On Location is pleased to offer a Draft hospitality program which guarantees exclusive access and a one-of-a-kind experience that you can only get from the NFL! Hopefully [...]

JetNation On The Web

We are in the dark period for football fans. The combine doesn't start until next week (2/24).  Free agency isn't here yet.  The games are over and we have a few months until mini-camp starts. So what should we do?  Plug JetNation, that is what we should do. If you aren't already a member, please [...]