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New Stadium Blitz

By Tyson Rauch Another day and another email from the New York Jets regarding their new state of the art stadium. As a “valued season ticket holder” it is clearly quite important for the Jets organization to emphasize all of the benefits of the new stadium. From the increased number of concession stands and bathrooms, [...]

Vote For Danielle

The Jets are offering their fans the opportunity to vote for the next Flight Crew Member. You can read the press release here. The Jets know that is the ultimate authority on all things Flight Crew related. We voted for Laura as Flight Crew Girl of the Year and the Jets were pleased with [...]

Catching Up With The DeJetErates

We all know the DeJeterate Crew from Classic Harley. They are a rugged bunch of manly men. Their tailgate starts at midnight, when even the biggest diehard fan is still fast asleep. They tell tales of their glory days which consist primarily of late nights at the local taverns and plenty of fighting. This is [...]

Five Concerns For 2008

By TomShane - Guest Columnist  5. Bob Sutton Remains Employed: Bob sucks, plain and simple. He is constantly out-matched by opposing offensive coordinators and he continually needs to be bailed out by Eric Mangini at half-time and, as we've seen, at the mid-point of each season. No longer can Eric wait until the Bye Week [...]

Obituary: 03/30/08

Hempstead NY –, died March 29, 2008 after a long bout of bad ownership. The GrandDaddy of all Jets sites is no longer with us and we mourn. She once laid claim to being the "the most heavily trafficked Jets message board on the web". This is no longer true. She is survived by [...]

TheGARV: Want To See My O Face?

TheGARV joins us once again this week and talks about the new and improved Jets Offensive Line.  TheGARV claims that he is working with Eric Mangini and the team is getting away from the traditional boxing references.  Instead moving to the world of Mixed Martial Arts.

Happy St. Patricks day

By Jet Moses Vox Hiberionacum: A tribute to Saint Patrick When Europe fell to the Huns during the collapse of the Roman Empire, It was the Irish who preserved so much of western civilization that would have been lost to the barbarian hordes. Why has this contribution been overlooked? The short answer to that is [...]