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NY Jets Draft Contest

Pick the Jets Draft Picks Contest It is contest time JetNation. With the draft rapidly approaching we want you to play GM and tell us who the Jets will be drafting in rounds 1 through 3 of this year’s draft. All you need to do is: Tell us who you think the Jets will draft [...]

Move On From 2011

By Courtney Aurillo I started watching the HBO Series Hard Knocks with the Jets AGAIN last night.  Yes, I am a repeat offender.  Every time I watch this show I discover something I did not notice the first few times I watched it.  Last night I recognized Rex Ryan’s passion, it really jumped out at [...]

2012 NY Jets Flight Crew Auditions

Who wants to be a New York Jets Flight Crew member?  Here is your chance, tryouts are taking place this weekend. The New York Jets are hosting their 2012 Flight Crew Cheerleader auditions this weekend at MetLife Stadium.  The preliminary round will be on Saturday, April 21.  Walk–up registration will be accepted. Preliminary Round - [...]

New York Jets 2012-2013 Schedule Released

Week 1 - 9/9/12: Buffalo Bills at New York Jets 1 p.m. ET, CBS - Tickets Week 2 - 9/16/12: New York Jets at Pittsburgh Steelers 4:15 p.m. ET, CBS - Tickets Week 3 - 9/23/12: New York Jets at Miami Dolphins 1:00 p.m. ET, CBS - Tickets Week 4 - 9/30/12: San Francisco 49ers [...]

The New JetNation Writing Staff

Just wanted to publicly thank the new writing team.  They are doing a great job and have allowed us to expand our level of Jets coverage.  We have a lot of new and exciting things planned but we will save that for another day. For now, a thank you goes out to: Chris Menn [...]

2012 New York Jets – One Mission

The NFL draft is less than two weeks away.  The Jets will be in training camp in just over two months.  As they prepare, they share one goal.  The locker room issues need to be a thing of the past.  The New York Jets are united on their mission...

Incarcerated Bob Interview

Well, love him or hate him Incarcerated Bob is a polarizing figure in the sports rumor world.  He recently made waves amongst Jets fans claiming the team was shopping quarterback Mark Sanchez around the league for a possible trade. I had an opportunity to interview Bob asking some questions about his reputation, opinions on Jets [...]

Forums Are Online – Upgrade

Edit: The forums are back online!  Thanks. Our forums our currently offline, while we upgrade to the latest version of the software.  We thank you for your patience during this downtime and we will let you know once the upgrade is complete. Thanks!