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Preview: Miami Dolphins at New York Jets

By Tom Kiss Coming off an embarrassing performance against the Jacksonville Jaguars, Eric Mangini must deal with his first crisis as a head coach in the NFL. That crisis is dealing with the letdown of one of the franchises most lopsided losses in history. The Miami Dolphins prove to be a scary opponent as they are not [...]

Jetting into the Trade Deadline

by Nick Ferraro The NFL trade deadline is Tuesday.  It’s usually a non-event as very few meaningful trades have occurred in-season historically in the NFL.  This deadline is likely to be no different than usual.  If the Jets are thoughtful about the remainder of 2006, they should look a little bit differently at this deadline [...]

Learn From Your Mistakes

by Tyson Rauch Since being hired by the New York Jets, Head Coach Eric Mangini has repeatedly stated how the team needs to remain consistent, continue to progress and learn from their mistakes.  Well coach here is your chance to be a man of your word and learn from your mistakes.    Correction #1:  Bench [...]

Ride The Lightning

by Jet Moses While watching the Jets game on Sunday afternoon against the Colts, I recalled two things in particular: The January, ’99 AFCE championship game in Denver, and Lightning Loops, the legendary roller coaster that was a prominent feature at Great Adventure, back in the 80’s. I guess the metaphor fits, because when watching [...]

Is it the System or the Player?

By Tyson Rauch The 2006 New York Jets have shown its fan base many things in the early part of the season. For one the team will be prepared mentally and physically for every game they play in.  Secondly the coaching staff has a clear understanding of how to lead the team and how to [...]

Back In Black

By Jet Moses  Before the season, there was some criticism that the Jets should not have used their first two draft picks on offensive linemen. Some fans were upset at the Jets for not drafting some “playmakers�. What the critics failed to acknowledge was the fact that the Jets already had (and have) playmakers; they [...]

Bringing Back the Past

By Tyson Rauch   Remember the days when the New York Jets were mentally and physically prepared for their games? Remember the days when as a fan you knew the game plan for your beloved Jets was going to be well thought out and effective?  Well my friends these days are back.  Through one full [...]

Draw The Line

By Jet Moses  Two weeks into the 2006 NFL season, Jet fans have been pleasantly surprised with the performance of QB, Chad Pennington. In case you haven’t checked out the stats, Chad Pennington is third overall in the NFL, with 625 passing yards. He’s behind pretty good company: Peyton Manning and Donovan McNabb.  Chad is [...]