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The Second Half: Up, Or Down And Out?

By JetCane Heading into this Sunday's game, it is impossible to sit here and make any kind of accurate prediction for the second half of the season. At the beginning of the year, it said here the Jets would go 9-7, which I did not think was unreasonable at the time. Last season's prediction was [...]

Typical Jets Fan

By Tyson Rauch Well another week and another disheartening Jets loss. It gets more difficult each week to attend the games and twice as painful leaving after another mediocre performance. It would not be so bad if as a fan I had not experienced this before.  Unfortunately we have all been through this several times [...]

Jets Lose Again, LOL

A wise man once said that any offensive drive that ends in a punt is a good drive.  The Jets played "mistake free" football today.  Yet the 3 points they put on the board somehow were not enough to walk away with a victory. With a loss to the Bills today, the Jets fall to [...] Top 10

By Nick Ferraro 1.  New England Patriots The Pats are moving through their schedule with frightening ease.  It does help that the rest of the AFC East is 3-17.  Two weeks until they visit the Colts, and the second half schedule is much tougher.  That being said, there’s a good chance the playoffs will run [...]

Not Good Enough

By Tyson Rauch NFL coaches have come up with many clever phrases throughout the years.  Take Herman Edwards for example, “You play to win the game�. Well Coach Mangini came up with a comment in his press conference that is the perfect description for the 2007 New York Jets; “Not Good Enough�. From the front [...]

Jets Lose To Bengals (38 – 31)

The Jets lost to the Bengals and fell to 1 and 6 on the season, matching last years regular season loss total before the bye week.  The Jets started strong in the first half but couldn't finish the same way.  It was a complete team loss and the Jets were bad almost across the board.  [...]

JetNation Chats With Gregg Hayim

We had a chance to chat with Gregg Hayim after the Eagles game on Sunday.  Gregg is the voice behind the Podcast and covers the Jets for Jets Confidential.  We asked him to share his thoughts on the Jets season so far. It is a lot easier to get players to buy into your [...]

The Blame Game

By Tyson Rauch The New York Jets are 1-5 after losing to the Philadelphia Eagles in a game full of questionable play-calling, conservative quarterback play and mediocre defensive strategy.  The finger pointing is at an all time high amongst the Gang Green faithful and New York media, placing this organization once again in turmoil.  So [...]