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Memorial Day

As you spend this weekend barbequing with family, we ask that you don’t let the true meaning of Memorial Day be forgotten.  As you enjoy the day off on Monday, we ask that you don’t forget those brave soldiers that paid the ultimate price for our freedom.  We have come to think of Memorial Day as [...]

The Jets won't take flight in 2006

by Michael Mici The Jets begin their on field journey towards The 2006 season today when rookies report to minicamp. It is supposed to be a day of new hope and promise. So in typical Jets fan fashion, here I am taking The Jets out of contention before the season has even started. This time, [...]

Follow The Model

By Michael Mici The New England Patriots have been the model sports franchise the last half decade. Three super bowl championships in five seasons. The Jets and their fans had to witness this in their own backyard with their former coaches and brain trust building a championship model in New England. There's an old saying [...]

Changing Of The Guard

By Tyson Rauch  Ever since the changing of the guard within the NY Jets there seems to be a sense of optimism amongst Jets fans.  The feeling is that the Jets have the management team in place to lead this team in the right direction and with a few tweaks the team can be competitive.  [...]

JetNation 2006 AL Central Preview

Mavrik here back for another round of division previews. A few days ago, I covered the AL East and today, I’ll give a preview of the AL Central. A division once considered the joke of baseball for many years, the AL Central now features some of the top teams and baseball and is considered one [...]

JetNation 2006 AL East Preview

In the coming days we will break down each division in MLB.  Provided to you will be the projected lineup and starting rotation, along with team notes and the project record this season.  In today's installment's very own Mavrik breaks down the AL East. April is upon us and that means many things to many people [...] 2006 Mock Draft

Recently our members got together and completed a full seven round mock draft.  Thank you to all those involved. Round 1 1. Houston Texans -{Sperm Edwards}-Reggie Bush- RB USC 2. New Orleans Saints -{Ikeyman3}-Mario Williams DE NC St. 3. Tennessee Titans -{Smizzy}-Matt Leinart QB USC 4. New York Jets -{Barton}-DBrickashaw Ferguson OT Virgina 5. Green Bay [...]

Welcome to our new site.  Please pardon us while we spruce things up a bit.  Folks you have just entered the "Grand Daddy" of all Jet Websites.  Welcome to We pride ourselves on brining you the latest in "Sooth News".  Please feel free to read any of our 1,000 Sooth related threads.  Or start [...]