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Defense Will Be Versatile & Multiple

The New York Jets have release part tow of the blogger roundtable. Glenn Naughton participated for JetNation and the first video can be found here. In this installment Eric Allen asks questions about the defense and what alignments we might see this season. Here is the link to the video on New York

Five Reasons to Believe in Geno Smith

By Glenn Naughton   Having been subjected to some of the worst quarterback play in the NFL over much of the past six seasons, Jets fans are ready for a long overdue turnaround at the position that has been Gang Green's achilles heel for far too long. Head coach Todd Bowles is on the record as saying [...]

New York Jets Blogger Round Table

JetNation was asked to take part in a round table discussion with Eric Allen of the New York Jets. Glenn Naughton represented JetNation and he sat alongside  Joe Caporoso from Turn on the Jets and Scott Salmon from Gang Green Nation.  They discussed many topics and here is the link to the first video.

David Garrard On Geno Smith

David Garrard appeared on the NFL network, and had this to share (via Kimberly Martin) about Geno and his lack of progression: “I definitely think Geno has the ability to be a pretty good quarterback.  I just think sometimes he’s worried about the outside noise.  He’s worried about what his teammates think, what his coaches think, [...]

Is Jarvis Harrison Perfect Pick for Bowles, Gang Green?

By Glenn Naughton   For the casual NFL fan, there are fewer positions on the football field that generate less interest than the offensive line. The likes of Nick Mangold and D'Brickashaw Ferguson don't often make the highlight reels, but they're the types of players who make the highlight reel plays possible. Jets fans who watched Gang Green pull [...]