Player interviews Talks “Monday Night Miracle” with Marcus Coleman

By Glenn Naughton   When the New York Jets take on the Miami Dolphins this Monday night, it will only be meaningful for one of the two teams as the Jets look to avoid another embarrassing loss following the 38-3 blowout they suffered at the hands of the Buffalo Bills last Monday.  For the Dolphins, who… Read more Interviews Jets Safety Jaiquawn Jarrett

Glenn Naughton of had the opportunity to take part in a blogger conference call with Jets safety Jaiquawn Jarrett.  Jarrett discussed a variety of topics including the team’s most recent win against the Pittsburgh Steelers and preparing for the Buffalo Bills.  Below is a transcript of the portion of the interview.  As always… Read more

Jace Amaro Interview

Last Friday, Joe Blewett had an opportunity to interview Jace Amaro.  Here is the audio of the Jace Amaro Interview and the full text appears below.  Be sure to check out Joe and Brandon Dowling each week on JetNation Radio. Joe Blewett: Hey Jace, Joe Blewett from Can you talk about some biggest adjustments… Read more Interviews Former New York Jet Ray Mickens

By Glenn Naughton   Glenn Naughton of had the opportunity to speak with former New York Jets cornerback and fan favorite, Ray Mickens.  A standout player from high school, through college and eventually the NFL, Mickens donned the green and white for nine seasons from 1996-2003.  He made a name for himself as one of the… Read more

Wilkerson: We Have A Lack Of Focus

Last Friday Joe Blewett (co-host of JetNation Radio) had an opportunity to interview Muhammad Wilkerson. Thank you to the NY Jets PR Department. The transcript appears below and you can go here and click play to listen to the audio. Joe Blewett: Hey Mo, Joe Blewett from Numerous people expected the jets to have… Read more

JetNation Interviews Jeremy Kerley

Glenn Naughton of had a chance to take part in a blogger press conference today with recently re-signed Jets wide receiver Jeremy Kerley.  JetNation covered a variety of topics and here’s what Jeremy had to say.  As always, a big thank you to the New York Jets for allowing to take part in… Read more

Parcells Talks About Belichick

Former NFL coach Bill Parcells joins The Michael Kay Show to discuss his time with Bill Belichick and Charlie Weis and his new book. He also discusses the Jets \ Patriots prime time game on Thursday Night Football. Your browser does not support iframes. You can read more about his new book and discuss the… Read more

Karl Dunbar Conference Call With

Glenn Naughton of took part in the Jets’ weekly blogger conference call with defensive line coach Karl Dunbar.  The following is a transcript of the portion of the conference. Glenn Naughton: Coach, with this run you guys have of these elite quarterbacks your playing, one thing that’s been overlooked is the mobility and… Read more

JetNation Interviews Ray Lucas

Ray Lucas Interview Earlier today I spoke to Ray Lucas and got his take on Geno Smith, Rex Ryan and John Idzik. You can listen to the entire interview by clicking play below or you can listen to Ray Lucas here here. Ray just released a new book: Under Pressure How Playing Football Almost Cost… Read more

Courtney Aurillo Interviews Wesley Walker & Bruce Harper

Click here to listen to the interview. Last week I attended the New York Jets cooking school event presented by the Institute of Culinary Education (ICE) and Chase. ICE lets either current or former NY Jets players cook and interact with the public with the assistance of culinary professionals. I had the  honor to not… Read more

David Harris Blogger Conference Call With

Click here to listen to the full audio from the blogger conference call. The following is a transcript from today’s blogger conference call with linebacker David Harris: David,  you guys faced Matt Forte and the Bears in 2010 when you had the third ranked rushing defense in the league and he managed to put… Read more


By Glenn Naughton   Any fan who has followed the New York Jets over the past several decades can attest to the countless moments of heartbreak that the Jets have delivered time and again for so many years. Numerous games that fans wish had never taken place or plays that they wish were never called… Read more

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