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Week 6 NFL Thoughts

Week Six Thoughts… Brett Favre and the miserable excuses for human beings with which he collaborated to steal money from poor people need to do real time. Not just fines, not country club jail for thirty days, not community service…real time at a real jail. Ok, fine. I was wrong on the Giants.  I still… Read more

Week 5 NFL Thoughts & Top 10

Week Five Thoughts… The NFL found its sacrificial lamb in the Tua concussion thing. I’m don’t think one person is going to be enough by the end of this. The Raiders saved their season Sunday against Denver. Not too many 0-4 teams make the postseason.  Things are just as dire for Vegas this week against… Read more

Week 4 NFL Thoughts

Week Four Thoughts… The Jaguars appear to be ahead of the pace for their scheduled arrival at being-a-real-pain-in-the-rear-end-to-play-against ville. How’s your bench look? Depth is becoming more and more important every year as guys go down seemingly every few minutes.  That extra game was a great idea.  Scouts should be looking at the Canadian football… Read more

NFL Quick Hits; Power Rankings

Week Two Thoughts… What’s the tablet computer budget in Tampa? I’m sure there are a few school districts that could use those machines. You can admit it: the Eagles scared you a little on Monday night. Nobody with that much of a running game has as much ability to throw it over you too. Hey… Read more

NFL Quick Hits; Rankings

Week One Thoughts… What happened to field goal kicking? It seems like everyone forgot how to kick a football all at once.  We have guys making monster kicks from fifty and even sixty-plus yards, while at the same time guys are shanking extra points and kicks from inside forty.  In some cases, these kicks are… Read more

JetNation NFL Power Rankings (Top 10)

Here are our week one top 10 rankings. Los Angeles Rams – the champs hold the top spot until someone knocks them off. Stafford’s elbow is something to watch (the backup situation is not great) as is the team’s motivation for managing the grind that goes with defending the title. Buffalo Bills – will see… Read more

Watching and Wagering on the Jets Draft

The Jets are in prime position to improve their roster later this month.  Set to pick at 4th and 10th in the draft, the Jets are one of the power players heading into April 28th in Las Vegas.  Most analysts expect the Jets to fill a weakness at cornerback with many publications sending Ahmad Gardner… Read more

New York Jets 2022 – 2023 Season Win Total

The wise guys have set the Jets win total for the upcoming season at 5.5.  As a football fan, and more specifically, a Jet fan, 5.5 seems low.  The Jets managed four wins last season with a rookie quarterback who missed significant time and a defense that appeared to be playing with seven men on… Read more

Full NFL Power Rankings – End of Season Edition

1. Los Angeles Rams The Rams went all in and made it work. They will need to be creative in order to address their few deficiencies in the offseason, but the core of a championship team is set to return. Odell Beckham may miss the season with a knee injury, but the Rams will have… Read more

JetNation NFL Power Rankings (Top 10) — Conference Championships

Kansas City Chiefs (12-5) Last Week: 2 The Chiefs were unstoppable against the Bills.  They needed less than 13 seconds to tie the game and send it to overtime, and once they won the coin flip, the rest was a formality.  On the downside, Buffalo was nearly unstoppable against the KC defense.  Joe Burrow doesn’t… Read more

JetNation NFL Power Rankings (Top 10) — Divisional Round

Green Bay Packers (13-4) Last Week: 1 The Packers reward for gaining the top seed in the NFC is a visit from the sky-high San Francisco 49ers.  The strength of the NFC means that there were not going to be any easy matchups, but the Niners are a particularly difficult draw right now.  San Francisco… Read more

NFL Power Rankings & Playoff Predictions

Green Bay Packers (13-4) Last Week: 1 The Packers played their first team on Sunday but with little to inspire them, they dropped their season finale. It doesn’t mean much; Green Bay enters the playoffs as the favorite to win not only the NFC but the Super Bowl.  They are the most complete team with… Read more

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